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I Gede Gian Saputra
( Founder )
I Gede Gian Saputra is the founder of KK Tour Indonesia, a company dedicated to redefining travel experiences. With a fervent belief that travel enriches life with new experiences, he established PT Wisata Dunia Baru as a testament to his passion for tourism. Gian Saputra's ethos revolves around providing exceptional service characterized by a human touch and ensuring seamless convenience in every journey. Gian Saputra holds a Bachelor of Tourism Destinations and a Master’s Degree in Tourism Studies from Udayana University. He is actively involved in academia, teaching courses at Udayana University and previously as a lecturer at Bali Tourism Polytechnic. In addition to his academic pursuits, Gian Saputra is an accomplished tourism consultant and the founder of PT Banua Wisata Lestari, a company that supports local communities through sustainable tourism initiatives. His work in developing rural tourism and promoting local products has garnered heartfelt gratitude from communities, reinforcing his commitment to making a positive impact. Under his collaboration, KK Tour Indonesia thrives on the principles of heartfelt service and convenience. The company is committed to delivering memorable and enriching travel experiences, ensuring that every journey with KK Tour Indonesia is a cherished adventure.